4 July 2020

Saturday, 21:30



Technologies of devaluing humanity serve to reduce the world's population



The modern world is changing very rapidly. On the one hand, this is understandable - technologies are developing. But does scientific and technological progress really affect our consciousness? Why do we so quickly agree to abandon the moral and ethical values that were our inner core? How come that a bearded creature in female attire ranks first in a popular music contest and becomes a hero/heroine of our time, with whom the UN secretary general himself is trying to be captured on a photo and whose nocturnal experiences worry the leaders of European countries? Why do concepts that recently came under the "unthinkable" category so quickly enter our lives?! Cannibalism, euthanasia, same-sex marriages and other immoral phenomena that run counter to human morals somehow suddenly become normal.

Here are a few examples. Lithuanian Minister of Health Rimante Salaseviciute invited poor people to end their lives by suicide if they are unable to seek medical care due to poverty. In an interview with the media, Salaseviciute said that Lithuania is not a welfare state, where palliative care is available to all those in need. She also raised the issue of "pediatric euthanasia", i.e. killing of sick children. The minister reminded the Lithuanian public that Belgian children already have this "right". Not bad, right? Sick children, it turns out, are "entitled" to death! And this practice, which was adopted in ancient Sparta or Nazi Germany, is now perceived very calmly by some, and with a sauce of "individual freedom".

Several years ago, the presenters of the Dutch TV show "Guinea Pigs" ("Proefkonijnen"), Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, ate each other's flesh live on the BNN TV channel. Before the programme, both underwent surgery. Storm had a small chunk of flesh removed from his buttocks, while Zeno - from his abdomen, The Daily Mail reports.

After that, the cook fried the chunks of meat on oil, without seasoning them with any spices, for the essence of this experiment was to allow both to feel the authentic taste of human flesh.

As a result, Storm and Zeno tasted each other in the studio. The process of tasting took place at a dinner table with candles. Swallowing the meat, both said that human flesh is nothing special and they do not regret their escapade. However, they refused to describe the taste of the meat consumed. The whole live satanic orgy was organized under the name of a "TV show".

In addition, after the legalization of gay marriage and permission for such unions to adopt children, the process of legalizing other perversions such as incest and pedophilia, i.e. close ties with family members and young children is beginning in Europe. For example, Swedish MP Monica Green and her Danish counterpart Pernille Skipper call for incest to be considered a "gender norm" and all enemies of it to be called incestophobes, the struggle against whom is "an important area of the programme of European neo-liberals, for the legalization of incest is the victory of the successful liberal revolution in Scandinavia," Scandinavian neo-liberals said in a programme article on Metrobloggen.se.

Their overseas counterparts are not lagging behind the European supporters of Sodom. Back in late 2012, US Congress began to provide legal status and federal protection to such "sexual orientations" as incest, necrophilia, bestiality and pedophilia. A year earlier, in December 2011, Barack Obama announced that one of the priorities of the foreign policy of Washington is the struggle for gay rights abroad.


How is it done?

All of the above, i.e. legitimizing all sorts of inhumane phenomena and prosecution for opposition to this is the result of long and painstaking work that has been carried out for many years. It is impossible to believe that all this is a consequence of human development, especially its spiritual component. Is it worth describing as development the return of man to his primitive past, when his existence was little different from that of animals? Thus, the synchronization and management of these processes should cause no doubt. But before I tell you who needs it, you should pay attention to how it is done and uncover the mystery of one of the methods of manipulating consciousness, in which perversions become the norm.

One such method was described by an American electrical engineer, lawyer and vice-president of the Mackinac Centre for Public Policy, Joseph Overton. He described how completely alien and unacceptable ideas can be pulled out of the category of contempt, "cleaned" and secured in the legislative field, forbidding the fight against them. In honour of Joseph Overton, who was killed in a car accident in 2003, this theory was called the "Overton Window" or the "Overton Window of Political Possibility". According to this theory, any idea in society has a window of opportunity. Any theory within the framework of this window has an opportunity to be discussed, supported, advocated and eventually be secured legislatively. What is contrary to ordinary human morality first becomes a subject of discussion, then topical and later a reality and is accepted by mass consciousness, becoming the norm. This is not just manipulation of consciousness or "brainwashing". This technology is much more elegant. Consistency and invisibility for society during its systemic application make it amazingly effective.

An example of such taboo subjects can be one of the above - the same cannibalism, incest, euthanasia, etc. These themes are disgusting and unacceptable to society. Discussing this topic in the press or elsewhere is highly undesirable. Thus, the first movement of the "window" should be the transfer of these topics from the impossible to the "radical" field. In what way? It is very simple. We have freedom of speech, don't we? That's to say there can be no taboo subjects for discussion. Why not convene a scientific conference or symposium on the study of these topics?! For scientists, no taboo subjects should exist. The "window" has already moved. Then there appears a group that supports the above perversions. And even though this community is only virtual, the necessary media will certainly notice it and cover its statements. In contrast to this, a group of people will be created, calling for the extermination of perverts and their sympathizers in the most radical way. It is noteworthy that such "conservatives" will immediately become monsters, Nazis, religious fanatics, backward and intolerant people, i.e. frights, next to whom the followers of perversions will look like innocent lambs. The "Window" moves on and the next step is to create a new, more elegant name. "Euthanasia", homosexuality - "same-sex love" or "gender problems", cannibalism - "anthropophagy", etc. Coming up with an elegant euphemism is one of the defining moments in the "Window", because all kinds of taboos are starting to become legal in our minds. Coming up with something new, you can take away the essence of the issue from the definition and water down its contents. Meanwhile, the "Window" is still moving on - this time in the historical plane. Have there been no people who ate each other in history, have there been no marriages between members of the same family, etc. Half way is passed. Topics are discussed widely, and there comes the best time for promotion. Then popular culture and the mass media interfere in the issue again. The topic under review infiltrates talk shows, popular movies, lyrics and videos. We see celebrities who favour legalization one after another. We learn that our favourite persons also prefer the above strangeness and are victims who suffer from the fact that the world around them does not understand them.

In order to justify supporters of the legalization of perversions, criminals are humanized through the creation of a positive image for them, which does not match their crimes. When the topic is "warmed up", it is possible to transfer it from the popular category to the topical category, i.e. the last "fans of windows" stage. It is already possible to prepare a legal framework. And at this point, lobbyists in the government appear in the scene, conducting opinion polls that show a large percentage of supporters of legalization. Politicians are starting to make pilot public statements in support of legalization and the idea is thrust upon society: once it is permitted, it is impossible to ban it. For this is the core of liberalism in the modern world - tolerance as the ban on taboo.

Here is a brief description of the principle of the "Overton Window" theory. It is worth emphasizing that he, Joseph Overton, just described, but did not invent this scheme. In different variations, this principle has been working for a long time. In this principle, the most important secret is gradualness and consistency. With the help of the "Overton Window", not only different kinds of sexual or domestic deviation, but also a variety of destructive political and social ideas can be legalized and promoted.


Who needs it and why?

The "Overton Window" is one of the methods of manipulating consciousness. There are tens and hundreds of such methods. They appear not out of the blue, but are developed over the years with the help of the best psychoanalysts, social psychologists and other specialists of social engineering. As mentioned above, Overton himself was vice-president of the Mackinac Centre for Public Policy, which studies social and political phenomena. It is also worth mentioning that developers of such methods and initiatives are the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the Stanford Research Institute, the Research Centre for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), etc.

Among them we can highlight the projects of the Tavistock Institute. It was created in 1946 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Once registered in the UK as a charity institution, it has become one of the main founders of the technology of social behaviour. Specialists of this institution have designed methods of forming public consciousness with the help of the media, so it was universally recognized. According to experts, such methods generated idols of mass culture, subculture and new mentality.

As a result of these technologies on a global scale, in the modern world a sane person ceases to be a carrier of traditional mentality and turns into a robot that can be easily manipulated. In addition, we cannot lose sight of something else. All of the above perversions and euthanasia lead to one thing: they reduce the world's population. Fertility and the birth rate are reduced, which ultimately serves to reformat the global world. No wonder that representatives of major businesses and the political elite of Western countries have voiced their concern about the overpopulation of the Earth and noted the need to reduce the population. For example, the late husband of the English Queen, Prince Philip, had repeatedly stated, "I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation". The former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was proud of the fact that the US government allocates more than half a billion dollars in foreign aid to family planning and reproductive health programmes worldwide". Representa-tives of the world of business are keeping up with politicians. The creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, once offered options to reduce the population by 10-15 per cent. Finally, David Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the world, said in his speech at a UN meeting: "The negative impact of population growth on all our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident."

In fact, the problem of overpopulation is far-fetched. And it exists only for shifting responsibility from technologies destroying the Earth to, say, quickly "breeding" Somalis.

There are more than enough products and other resources on the planet Earth to support life, including habitable areas. Military spending is many times higher than the amount that would be enough to solve the problem of hunger or shortage of water worldwide. In some developed regions, people unwisely spend tonnes of food on absurd events, often simply throwing out food, clothing and household items. This raises the question - is there a problem of hunger or lack of certain resources at all? In our opinion, there is only a problem of reasonable existence, intelligent technologies and careful attitude to the planet. So, those who so fervently insist on the need to reduce the number of people in the world once again pursue only their own interests to maintain their power over the world.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand how unacceptable and alien elements, which are gradually perceived as something normal and self-evident, appear in our minds and in our culture.