18 September 2021

Saturday, 11:51



Adem YUNISOV: "Time and space are important components of success but not the only ones"



Adem YUNISOV is a famous Turkish designer from Azerbaijan. He has lived in Turkey, where he received his education and founded his own business, since 1996. He is also famous in Azerbaijan as the author of the logo of the First European Games. He is also a lead developer behind the logo for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. We have already published his interview after the presentation of the logo of the First European Games. Last month we had a chance to interview Adem again—this time as the author of the "Higher Order of the Turkic World" presented to the first president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the summit of the Turkic Council in Baku.

"Adem, why did they chose you for the design of the order?"

"Actually, we had worked on large projects before the 2015 European Games but many of them had been familiar only to the Turkish audience. We continue to work both in Turkey and in Azerbaijan. I would say that our previous works are sort of references for subsequent orders. I think that one of the chief reasons that make us different is our intention to achieve perfection. By the way, I would like to thank all the institutions that continue working with us."

"In one of your interviews you said that the design of the order was based on the idea of ​​unity and might of the Turkic world. To what extent could you materialise the idea?"

"Well, such concepts as unity and might are difficult to express on a single medal or symbol. We knew that the work would be difficult. We believe that six eight-pointed stars around a single circle reflects the idea of ​​unity, while gold and diamonds imply the idea of ​​the might of the Turkic world. We continue to receive positive feedback on this project. I admit that we are happy to accomplish such an important mission."

"The First European Games and the first ever Higher Order of the Turkic World... What do you feel as a pioneer behind such large-scale yet politically significant projects?"

"We are very proud of our work. It also means a lot of responsibility. Honestly, we feel the same excitement when we start each new project. Each of them is important to us. I think this is the key to our success. Our motto is "Be disciplined and honest!"

"You have also designed the logo of the centenary of the Republic of Turkey. Despite a huge number of design studios in Turkey, the work of such a historical importance was entrusted to an Azerbaijani designer…"

"Indeed, there are many companies in Turkey that can accomplish this mission with honour. We were able to implement this project in cooperation with one of such companies. Seizing the opportunity, I'd like to thank the team of one of the largest advertising agencies in Turkey, Algoritma Iletişim, and its leader Abdullah Buladi for their assistance. We are proud that we were able to contribute to the celebration of the Republic of Turkey. We are happy that all official institutions of the country will use our logo up until 2023."

"You are a computer engineer by profession. In one of your interviews, you said that design was your hobby, which has become your business over time. So, what does your work as a designer mean for you - a way of self-expression or a business? If you are offered to make a choice between a more profitable business and design, which one would you choose?"

"It may sound a little pathetic but design is not just my work. It is part of my life. That's why I opted for a job that over time has transformed from a hobby into something that made a solid ground in my life. My relatives and friends know that I do this not only for business. I really enjoy the design. I like to look at life from different angles and share my feelings and thoughts with others. Of course, life is full of surprises. We do not know what the next day will bring us but I am sure that design will always remain the core of my life, no matter what industry I work for."

"We have many Azerbaijanis who have become successful in various areas beyond Azerbaijan. Do you think your success story inspires the younger generation in Azerbaijan? Or maybe, on the contrary, they think that one can be successful only abroad?"

"There are many talented guys living and working in Azerbaijan and abroad. Time and space are important components of success but not the only ones. People have long identified (and they still do!) ways to demonstrate their talents and skills under various conditions in different corners of the world. The key here is honesty and discipline. Our conscience never lies to us. If you believe that what you do is a right thing, success will find you sooner or later. If my success story can ever inspire someone, I'd say that the secret of my success is hard work. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you work. In this time and age, young people are luckier than the older generation because there are no boundaries between the people anymore. The Internet has removed these boundaries. They have to use this opportunity in full. The power of imagination has no limit."

"Azerbaijan is also expanding business opportunities, especially for young people. Do you have plans to start your own business in Azerbaijan?"

"In fact, we continue to work in Azerbaijan. We plan to open a branch of Element Visual Studio in Baku. We are trying our best to materialise this idea, and we believe that it will come true soon."

"Are your current projects purely commercial or you have socio-political ones as well? Can you tell us about them?"

"We work in both directions. We hope to visit Azerbaijan again with another project. We make every effort to become pioneers again. But I think it’s too early to reveal the details. I can only promise that you will be the first to know about them. On behalf of our entire team, I thank Region Plus for this opportunity!"