4 June 2023

Sunday, 11:29


Baku prepares to host the seventh Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix



Azerbaijan's capital is preparing to host the next Formula 1 race on April 28-30, 2023. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is one of the stages of the prestigious motor racing that will be in the focus throughout the world.

The Baku City Circuit operating company is already installing concrete fencing along the track. The construction and installation works will continue until the actual race. The works are being carried out in stages to prevent traffic jams.

Interviews with volunteers, who play an important role in the Formula 1, have already been completed as part of the preparations. At the preliminary stage, more than 10,000 volunteers have expressed an intention to take part in the organisations for the prestigious event. Baku City Circuit announced that 200 volunteers undergo training every day. Based on their results, a total of 1,500 volunteers will be selected.


Record sales

Organisers report that by the end of February, tickets to the grandstands of the tournament have already been sold out. But there are still vacant seats in other stands (Icherisheher, Azneft, Mugham, Giz Galasy, Khazar, Bulvar). If the fans hurry to buy tickets, they can watch the action from there.

The significant increase in ticket sales over the last two months is due to the great interest of spectators in the Baku races. In addition, the Baku circuit remains the most challenging one for the F1 drivers.

According to Baku City Circuit, there is a very high level of interest in the 2023 event internationally. This information is confirmed by the high growth in the number of foreign fans, who want to watch the race live, from the stands. That's why the sales have already reached record levels compared to previous years.

Currently, tickets are bought from almost 100 countries around the world, including the UAE, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Argentina, India, etc. The top three countries by ticket purchases are Azerbaijan, Britain and the Netherlands.


Adrenaline of sprint racing

F1 experts predict that Baku will retain its title as the most exciting racing venue this year as well, staying true to its traditions.

Thanks to being one of the fastest urban tracks in the world, the Baku City Circuit will also host the first ever sprint race, which has definitely contributed to record ticket sales.

Sprint races are held on tracks allowing for overtaking and high-speed competition memorable for their particular drama and attract a wide audience of fans. It is no coincidence that the Baku race, regarded as one of the fastest urban races, is on this list.

In general, the number of sprint races held last year doubles to six for the 2023 season. Thus, the first sprint race on the calendar will take place in Baku as part of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

"We have received positive reactions from fans over the last two years of sprint racing. We are looking forward to doing six sprint races next season. They make the three-day race weekend more competitive and give even more excitement to the fans. At the same time, I believe that the sprint format will benefit our key partners - the F1 teams, broadcasters and host countries," Formula One CEO and President, Stefano Domenicali, said.


Sport festival

As for races in Baku, Azerbaijan has always organised them as a festival. After all, Formula 1 has always been a celebration for its fans. The Baku city circuit, which includes driving through winding streets, ascents, descents and dizzying turns, is rightly considered the fastest and most unpredictable of the city circuits.

Admittedly, since its debut in 2016, the event has exceeded expectations and broken stereotypes about Formula 1 city racing. And because of the surprise finish, the Baku race is one of the most anticipated every season. This year's race codenamed Expect the Unexpected! will continue the tradition and give fans another unforgettable weekend.

The Azerbaijani stage of the Formula One World Championship has so far seen six different drivers win. From this point of view, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix still retains the title of a race full of surprises. The term Baku Syndrome has gained popularity amongst the F1 fans. The Baku circuit is 6.003km long and is the fourth longest in the current F1 calendar. It has the narrowest loop (7.6m) in the famous 'tower section' where Louis Hamilton and Charles Leclair crashed in the qualifying round.

Baku is known to host one of the fastest city races as well. The longest high-speed straight (2.2km) among the F1 circuits is in Baku. The officially recorded maximum speed (Valtteri Bottas, Team Williams) is 366kph.

Baku surprises the global F1 family not just on the track. Spectators watching the action from the stands or from their homes get a whole new experience of a grand sporting show against the backdrop of the city's landmarks. The ever-present spectacle of the F1 cars racing along the ancient walls of the Icherisheher included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, modern skyscrapers and the famous Baku Boulevard has already become very popular with fans.

As noted, this is the first year Baku will host a sprint race. Thus, fans will be able to get the most out of the three days, including the traditional qualifying round.

Returning after a three-year pause, the Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix has another surprise concert programme. A Dutch DJ, music producer and global phenomenon Hardwell, regarded as one of the leading figures in electronic dance music, will perform during the tournament.