25 June 2022

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REGION PLUS is an analytical magazine published since 2006 by a team of professional journalists and specialized in covering a wide range of the latest political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, and sport events that take place in the South Caucasus, around the Caspian Sea, and worldwide.

The magazine regularly publishes the analytical articles of various local and foreign journalists, members of parliament, political scientists, economists, cultural critics and sports columnists, including interviews with state and government officials, political and economic experts.

REGION PLUS is particularly distinctive for its objective and unbiased approach, the use of news and photo materials of local and foreign information agencies such as REUTERS, INTERFAX, AZERTAG, TREND, authentic design and interesting writing style, as well as regular opinion polls.

REGION PLUS uses various distribution channels including the subscription service, retail sales, VIP delivery service, as well as free-of-charge distribution aboard the AZAL flights and international exhibitions.

Our magazine is in high demand at “ASAN-XIDMƏT” centres and many large business centres such as PORT BAKU and THE LANDMARK. The subscribers of the magazine include numerous state institutions, private companies, non-government organisations, diplomatic missions, politicians, economists, and scientific researchers.

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1st cover Not for sale 1st page 800
2nd cover 1200 3rd page 700
3rd cover 1000 5th page 600
4th cover 2000 inside 500

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