12 December 2017

Tuesday, 04:55



The office of Region Plus magazine invites you for cooperation

Region Plus analytical magazine specializes in covering political, economic, social, cultural and environmental developments not only in the Caspian region, but in other countries of the world. The impartiality of our articles accompanied with photos of REUTERS news agency, the original design and interesting style of reporting have made our magazine popular, earning it a wide audience.

Published: since 2006

Regularity: twice a month (1st and 15th of every months)

Languages: Russian, Azerbaijani, English

Print run: 6,000

Price: 2 AZN


  • Subscribers: more than 1,500.
  • Retail sale: 1,500-2,000
  • VIP-distribution: 500
  • VIP is including President Administration office, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic, SOCAR etc.
  • On board AZAL, Uzbekistan Airlines planes: more than 2,000
  • international exhibitions: about 2,000
  • hotels and business centres: 1,500-2,000
  • SOCAR, banks, private entities: 500

Advertisement prices.

1st cover Not for sale 1st page 800
2nd cover 1200 3rd page 700
3rd cover 1000 5th page 600
4th cover 2000 inside 500

Prices are shown in AZN.

Thank you for your cooperation

Tel: 492 63 70

Mob: 050 213 86 37

Fax: 437 24 94


Contact person: Elchin Mehdi