27 November 2022

Sunday, 23:19

About us

The Region Plus weekly analytical magazine was established in 2006 by a team of dedicated journalists, analysts, political experts, economists and culture, arts and sports connoisseurs. The magazine specializes in news reporting and analysis of topical political, social, cultural, sporting and other developments taking place in the South Caucasus, the Caspian Region, and various countries of the world.


As well as Azerbaijani journalists and analysts, commentators from other countries of the region occasionally contribute to the magazine. We also publish interviews with various country leaders, heads of governments, ministers and public and political figures.


Region Plus is published once a week in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages and is distributed among subscribers, retailers, as well as passengers on international flights.


The magazine is read by employees of government agencies, private companies, non-governmental organizations, diplomatic missions, political and economic figures and intellectuals.


Impartial reporting, photo materials from local and foreign sources, including Reuters, reports from incident scenes and engaging and reader-friendly style, as well as occasional public opinion surveys are what distinguish our magazine on the market.